Friday, April 10, 2009

Licensed idiots

They had more in common than unleashing carnage — nearly every gunman in this monthlong series of mass killings was legally entitled to fire his weapons.

Licensed to kill? Gunmen in killings had permits (AP)

Well, entitled to own and carry the guns, anyway. The article goes on to quote former prosecutor Jeffrey Chamberlain on the state of gun laws in the United States:

Yet, regulations differ only slightly between states, Chamberlain said. "They're fairly typical — don't be a felon, don't be a drunk, don't beat your kids or your wife. Don't be so mentally unbalanced that you need be in an institution."

Well, Jeff, you might get an argument on that last one!

Oh, and don’t for about the idiots. Even Kermit thinks they shouldn’t have guns.

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