Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boy, talk about your metaphors!

Thanks again to the Wege, a regular reader of Haaretz.

Here’s the set up: an Israeli colonist in the West Bank, living in a settlement colony sets fire to some nearby Palestinian land and then sits back to watch, grinning in satisfaction. The scene is caught on Israeli television.

Haaretz reports that the following was also captured on video:

The haters of Obama, the haters of Arabs, [the article was mostly about the Israeli hatred shown for Obama during his Middle East visit] and the outpost gunslingers should bear in mind what happened at the end of that Channel Two report on the Gilad Farm activists: not long after they started the fire on their neighbors’ field, smoke and flame were licking at the walls and windows of their own houses.

The Haaretz article also mention our old friend Rabbi Manis Friedman from St. Paul and the charming video interviews that Max Blumenthal shot in Jerusalem on the eve of Obama’s visit to Cairo.

And these are all apparently Charlie Krauthammer’s kind of people. The stench of moral sickness hangs so heavily over this crowd that it makes you gag.

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