Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Some habits are hard to break

Nicotine. Crack. Meth. Katherine Kersten.

So we can sympathize — perhaps even empathize — with Charlie’s backsliding:

I was going to give Katherine Kersten a rest. Really I was. Once she had her makeover and moved to a Sunday-only opinion column, I was going to  move on to better things and let her bloviate.

But when she builds an entire column on a purposefully misleading premise, I just have to call BS.

We feel your pain, Charlie. Keenly.

In fact, Spot was getting around to mentioning Katie’s recent offering to the gods of misdirection when he saw Charlie’s post.

Katie complains bitterly that a gay man from Colorado has ruined Minnesota politics. He apparently committed this unspeakable act by contributing $250 to a DFLer who beat a two-term Shorewood Republican in a close House race.

But to hear Katie tell it, you’d think that Minnesota is awash in out-of-state political money. Actually, it probably is, but this House race was certainly the least of it. But the fact that a gay man was involved makes all the difference for Katie.

You should read Charlie’s whole post, boys and girls, to see how a true professional makes a mountain out of a mole hill.

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