Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Norm Coleman political epitaph contest

01coleman Submit your entries in the comments in the Cucking Stool’s contest to write the definitive political epitaph for Norm Coleman. The winner will receive a Spotty (tm) medallion, a digital one anyway. Deadline is Friday, close of business.

And remember: epitaph, not obituary.

Update: Here’s one, but it is only entered in the exhibition category:

Paid no rent
Saw no evil
Now he’s out
On his schnozzle

Further update: There’s a couple of good ones in the comments already. Keep ‘em coming! One more for the exhibition category:

Here lies the Accidental Senator

And yet another update: There are several excellent entries in the comments. Please keep them coming, and try, if you can, to get them in by Thursday afternoon (deadline remains the same: Friday afternoon). The ones that are in will get an airing at DL tomorrow night just to get some crowd reaction to help the judges. This isn’t going to be easy.

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