Thursday, June 25, 2009


The threats from Hal Turner we mentioned in the update to this post seems to have not gone unnoticed by the FBI:
Blogger and occasional Internet talk show host Harold Charles "Hal" Turner was arrested by federal agents today at his New Jersey home on charges that he threatened on his website to murder three judges on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Prosecutors say the material--which allegedly provided photographs and addresses for the three jurists--included statements such as "these judges deserve to be killed," reports the Chicago Tribune.

Turner, 47, also is accused of posting a map of the federal courthouse in Chicago in which the three work--and, in reference to the 2005 murders by a disgruntled litigant of the mother and husband of a Chicago federal judge, stating that another such "lesson" is needed, reports the Associated Press.

Turner's anger at the judges (two of whom are very conservative in their philosophies and are closely identified with the Federalist Society) is based on their reading of the Second Amendment in a recent case. Angry that the judges used well-established precedent to allow state regulation of gun ownership, Turner went off on a very threatening tirade. Pictures, addresses, and other personal details were posted along with the thought that a "lesson" was needed. It was pretty clearly aimed at Turner's fellow Second Amendment absolutists.

As someone recently said about such speech, this is not like yelling "fire" in a theater, this is like yelling "fire" at a firing squad.

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