Saturday, June 13, 2009

Planning ahead for special Drinking Liberally sessions

June 25, 2009

SelfPortraitColor Ken Avidor is the headliner for this session of DL. He has promised to bring his [wicked] pen and do some caricatures of some people, especially the bloggers or other activists, in attendance.

Many of you have seen and enjoyed Ken’s work at Dump Michele Bachmann, Law & Politics, and this very blog to name just a few places. He recently won an achievement award from the Society of Professional Journalists for his graphic coverage of the Republican National Convention that ran in Law & Politics.

Come and see DL’s denizens through Ken’s eyes. We’ll also put some of Ken’s work for the evening up here.

July 23 or July 30, 2009

The date is not yet final, but on one or the other we’ll hold the first Drinking Liberally poetry slam. The form of the poem is entirely up to you; it doesn’t even have to be overtly political.

We are working on celebrity contestants and judges, too.

If writing and performing a poem is a little outside your comfort zone, but you’ve always thought you’d like to try it, DL and the 331 Club would be friendly confines to give it a shot.

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