Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comments on the Stool

Commenting is not kvetching, or at least it shouldn’t be. But commenting of late has become, among some commenters, anyway, not a venue for talking about the subject of a post, but rather a place to just bicker with other commenters, often on subjects other than the post. It inhibits a discussion of the subject of the post, and frankly chases other commenters away.

Sometimes the comments are absurdly long; far longer than the posts, even. Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church with fewer words than one in the moderation bin right now. Spot has neither the time nor the inclination to moderate a flame war.

Enough. In court, the lawyers are required to address their remarks to the judge, not each other. There is only one person in the courtroom who can address everybody, and that’s the judge.

Please address your comments only to Spot. Spot is the judge. Spot rules – moderates – and if your comments are not relevant to the post, or are simple insults to another commenter, they won’t be approved. All rulings from Spot’s bench are final, and there is no appeal. Deal with it.

In the endless tit for tat, Spot cannot even figure out who is ahead on points and doesn’t care. We’re just not going to do it anymore.

If all you want to do is bicker, Spot will assist in the exchange of emails so you can have at each other.

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