Sunday, November 08, 2009

We knew she was a little thug

Those of us who saw Bachmann & company take over the state capitol a few years ago really can't be all that surprised this happened.

That's Michele Bachmann interrupting Congresswomen who try to address the House in turn on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday. Unwilling to even let the other side make their arguments, Congresswoman Bachmann has fallen to trying to shout down her colleagues. Screaming over those who were elected to do the people's business. Interrupting like a child when someone she doesn't agree with gets a turn at speaking. Bullying others when she can't get her way.

Between that behavior and Thursday's rowdy confrontation of representatives in the halls of Congressional office buildings, I'm beginning to think Spot might be on to something with his comparison of this gang to a festering bund.

Update: Ohio Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy described what it was like to be shouted down by Bachmann's leader in this stunt:
[T]hree male members of Congress got up and started shouting down — trying to shout down the Democratic women. I thought it was loud, I thought it was rude, I thought it was disrespectful, and I thought it was sexist. [...]

Well, when you engage in loud, rude, and boorish behavior, my mother would have said they should apologize. I don’t expect an apology, but that would be nice to have that. But you know, you’re seeing this sexist behavior going on.

You heard recently comments — from the Republican side of the aisle, some of my Republican colleagues over there — saying Speaker Pelosi should be put in her place, and I think that’s what they thought they were doing with the Democratic women. And it’s simply outrageous to me to have women being treated like that on the floor of the House.

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