Saturday, November 14, 2009

No wonder we can’t afford healthcare

From Empire Burlesque:

Our American militarists love war so much that they even bankroll the enemy, just to keep the blood money flowing. This odd but absolutely crucial characteristic of the Never-Ending Terror War was borne out again in a remarkable story in the Guardian (with an expanded version in The Nation).

We’ve taken the idea from Iraq and made it even better:

Of course, in Iraq, the Pentagon finally started paying insurgents as well. But in that instance, they were at least paying the enemy to stop fighting. Here, they only ask that the Taliban allow some trucks to roll through the countryside -- which seems to be entirely in the hands of the insurgents, despite eight years of war and months of Obama's "surge". The Americans pay handsomely for the privilege -- sometimes up to $1,500 per truck, depending on the cargo -- even though they know the insurgents will use the money to keep fighting.

It seems we can’t pour money down that rat hole fast enough. According to a former soldier and foreign service officer who served in Afghanistan, and who wrote a sobering letter of resignation, here is where we’re headed:


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