Friday, November 06, 2009

Guilty! II

Here’s an interview with the Italian judge prosecutor who convicted the 23 Americans for kidnapping the Muslim cleric off the streets of Milan. Amy Goodman is joined by human rights lawyer Scott Horton.

M corrects points out it is an interview with the prosecutor. Spot meant prosecutor; really he did. Anyway, it’s nice to have proofreaders, and even better to have people who actually watch the video.

Update: Those of you who watched the video, including the inestimable “M,” undoubtedly noticed the snippet of video of the ABC interview with one of the convicted agents. She admits breaking the law, but then complains that the United States government should have “protected her” and the other agents because they were only “following orders.” She fears that foreign governments will just indict Americans whenever they feel like it. What arrogance.

Spot says that not being extradited to Italy is really more protection than the agent deserves. What was actually being protected in this case was the rule of law against a bunch of cowboy (and girl) Americans who thought they were above it. But it goes to show, that when in Rome (or Milan!), you have to do as the Romans do.

The interviewed international-fugitive CIA operative must have missed the day in spook school when they talked about things like the Nuremberg principles and the consequences of violating domestic law when operating abroad.

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