Sunday, November 01, 2009

Read Doug Tice

Doug Tice had a front page op-ed section piece in the Strib today. When you’re the editor of the opinion page — at least Spot recalls that’s what Tice is up to these days — you can do that once in a while, shoving lesser mortals aside for a spot in the sun.

The thing is, Spot likes the piece. It’s about how politicians on both sides of the fence use the dangerous person sexual predator lock-up as a political football. It’s been in the news lately, of course, because of the flap over large screen televisions being installed at the facility. The inmates patients who are incarcerated locked up detained housed in the facility have served their time, so it does seem a little churlish to deny a decent teevee to someone being detained against his will.

The point of Tice’s piece, though, is a little different and it is a good one. Politicians bray about public safety from sexual predators, and then bray about its cost, trying to score political points all along the way.

It is almost worth a Spotty™.

Why doesn’t he get one, because he’s Doug Tice?

No, grasshopper, that’s not the reason. Okay, maybe a little. But the real reason is because after a good exposition of the issue, Tice stops. He has no more solutions than the politicians. Spot has to agree a bit with one of the commenters to the article who said essentially, “What’s you point?”

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