Monday, April 12, 2010

I suppose it would have killed them

To do a television broadcast of the Twins home opener in the spiffy new Target Field, that is. It was sold out, so that the hoi polloi couldn’t have gotten tickets, even if they could have afforded them. They’ll just have to support the Twins one Hennepin County purchase at a time.

I hated the Dome for baseball, and I’m glad the Twins have a new ball park, which by all accounts is a jewel. The eye witness accounts, anyway. I am sure that I’ll make my way down there at least a few times this summer.

But I have to admit that the jocularity of Bud Selig, Jim Pohlad, and Mike Opat in the announcing booth with John Gordon and Dan Gladden was like having them spit in my face.

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