Monday, April 19, 2010

Powerstooge denial

Yesterday John "Ass Rocket" Hinderaker posted on the Powerlineblog that President Obama had declined to attend the funeral for the Polish president killed in the plane crash a few weeks ago, and had instead elected to go golfing. Of course, Obama had planned to go to the funeral, but couldn't because a volcanic eruption in Iceland had forced the cancellation of all air flight over Europe.

It's funny that Hinderaker knew that Obama had golfed 32 times since taking office, but was unaware that the president was planning on attending the funeral but had to cancel because of events beyond his control. Let's add up the denial involved with this position: First, it denies that Obama wanted to go the funeral; second, it denies that he planned to go to the funeral; third, it denies there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland, and finally, it denies that air travel has become impossible over Europe.

Behold the Republican intellectual.

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