Friday, April 30, 2010

Michael Brodkorb: but this is different!

Two years ago, Michael Brodkorb, then a serious journalist with his blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed, attended the DFL Third Congressional District endorsing convention. I, Louis the Sun King, chatted with him briefly about his occupation of a seat in the press section.

Michael said that it was Meet and Right that new media be given access to conventions. (It was also reported that Brodkorb (now the MNGOP Vice Chair) and Republican officials were in the visitors’ gallery at the DFL convention last week.) Here is a little video taken by the Uptake (not involving me) at that convention with Michael expressing these sentiments:

But two years changes everything:

But now that Brodkorb is GOP State Deputy Chair, his party has taken just the opposite stance.  DFL officials report that they are being refused admission to the GOP party convention scheduled to begin tomorrow in Minneapolis.  GOP Communications Director Mark Drake has even refused press credentials to The UpTake calling the non-partisan nonprofit that has streamed debates, thousands of hours of the legislature and every moment of the Norm Coleman/Al Franken Election Contest trial a "partisan DFL organization.”

UPDATE: Well, the Uptake apparently sneaked in. You can watch live here.

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