Monday, April 26, 2010

You can go two for two, today, Susan

Susan Gaertner dropped out of the race for governor today, presumably saving herself the filing fee for the primary. She could get a twofer for the day in the good decision-making department by agreeing to set aside the conviction of Koua Fong Lee.

The prosecution expert in the trial convicting Lee was apparently the guy who is in charge of supervising the oils changes for the St. Paul police department’s cruisers. But the evidence is mounting that Lee did try to stop his car:

Jim Cook, an expert hired by an attorney for the victims [who are now suing Toyota after the disclosure of all of the cases of unintended acceleration have come to light], says the filaments on the brake lights of Lee's car "exploded" inside the bulb, indicating Lee had hit the brakes and the lights were on for at least a second or two before impact.

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