Tuesday, May 04, 2010

And the dead shall be raised . . . Incombustible

Tom Horner, former Republican functionary, made it official: he’s running for governor in the Independence Party. At a recent press conference, over the clattering of dishes as the wait staff at the Convention Grill carried them away (OK, I made that part up; I don’t know where he made the announcement), Horner said, "As much as I know policy, I also know politics."

One is tempted to cue up one of Horner’s lifeless performances on the Almanac couch.

But apparently, he’s been running for a while (yeah, it was a surprise to me, too):

Horner has been officially running since early this year. He said fundraising is going well -- but didn't reveal any fundraising numbers -- and that he expects to be able to afford campaign ads to boost his bid. He acknowledged that the Independence Party, which brought Gov. Jesse Ventura to power in 1998 in a different form [it was alive], lacks the infrastructure of other parties but said his experience can make up for that.

Tom, when you teach “experience” to knock on doors, give me a call.

Incombustible Tom is going to reanimate the Independence Party? The possibilities for imagery are almost too rich to resist, no? But I will, for the moment, anyway.

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