Sunday, May 02, 2010

Master of Deceit

In an interview with KAFI’s Marty Owings, posted on The Uptake, Rep. Laura Brod says of Tom Emmer, “What you see is what you  get.”

Here’s the video, but frankly, watching it is a lot of work to confirm the quote I just made.

But watch it, really, because Marty Owings had to sit through it, and Mike McIntee and The Uptake went to a lot of effort so you could watch it here. It’s the least you could do.

Two Putt Tommy makes similar remarks in a post at MPP.

UPDATE: Two Putt Tommy informs me that I mischaracterized his post, for which I apologize. He’s right, I should have provided a link, but I wrote at an unseemly hour for me. /UPDATE

Well, sorry, Laura, and Tommy, too,  but Tom Emmer is as deceitful, and manipulative a demagogue as any politician I’ve run into in a long time. We’ve already alluded to the reasons why here on the Stool several times.

Emmer’s deceit goes to the very nature of the nation that we live in, the laws that govern it, and the nature of the relationship between the federal government — our national government — and the states.

Rep. Emmer, trained as a lawyer, cannot be so stupid as to believe that the Constitution of Minnesota can be amended to authorize the Minnesota Legislature to pick and choose which federal laws it will permit to have application in Minnesota. Or that the state’s Legislature can nullify a federal ban on the consumer purchase of incandescent light bulbs. (He’s authored bills that would permit both of those things.)

Not, of course, unless he is willing to pull the Republic down around him.

starve the government If he’s not that stupid, he must think the state’s voters  — or at least some of them — are, and that’s why he’s a deceitful demagogue. He makes his pitch to the sad, ignorant Tea Party members who haven’t had the luxury of the legal training he’s had.

The Republicans did not endorse “what you see is what you get.” They endorsed a patent medicine salesman in a horse-drawn paneled wagon.

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