Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Go Ahead, You Paid For It

PZ Myers at Pharyngula is having some fun with the America Speaking Out website run by the US House GOP. Supposed to offer the public the chance to put forth ideas that could be used as the basis for new legislation, America Speaking Out is funded by you, the US taxpayer!

Whenever you offer people the unmoderated chance to participate in the marketplace of ideas, the collective wisdom of the people shines. Let's see what yummy stuff is already on the website.


So sign up and add your thoughts to this glorious cacophony of ideas! If you are lucky, you'll see your idea reflected in the legislation offered by the House GOP "within weeks." Wouldn't it be cool to have Michele Bachmann author a bill based on your idea? Maybe we should throw a PRT one in there to see if she bites.

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