Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I know what normal is, baby, and it ain't female

For the one hundredth time in as many days, Margaret Anderson Kelliher has again awakened in the morning a woman. Any in-depth analysis of her campaign cannot overcome this fact and indeed can lead to only one inescapable conclusion: She "has hitched her campaign to her gender."

I'm so glad we have the learned minds of the Humphrey Institute to tell us these things so that we know better than to think she has anything else going for her.

Update: In an MPR interview about his conclusions, Mr. Jacobs of the Humphrey Institute proclaimed this morning that "The failure of women to rally around Kelliher is one of most surprising findings we have..."

So, arguendo, if women vote for Kelliher it's because she's "hitched her campaign to her gender" and those women are doing so out of some sort of sisterhood thing. But if they aren't voting for Kelliher, they're failing their own gender or some such nonsense. Damned as stupid and shallow if you do, damned as traitorous if you don't.

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