Saturday, May 08, 2010

Jesse Ventura without the charisma

Alternative title: Putting your Goose Egg in one basket

I am talking, of course, about Tom Horner, newly appointed to lead the Independence Party over the next electoral cliff. Here’s a video of the breathless Horner after accepting his party’s nod:

Just gives you goose bumps, doesn’t it?

No only does Horner lack Ventura’s, um, charisma, he also lacks Ventura’s name recognition, his celebrity, his appeal to blue collar union voters, and as far as I tell, he lacks any single other candidate running for the legislature or a constitutional office under the banner of the IP with him. (Well, I guess whomever Horner chooses as a running mate will make two IPers altogether.)

Let’s not forget the pink feather boa! He lacks that, too.

He does share with Ventura the complete lack of campaign organization, and on the vanishingly small chance he got elected, he would share the complete lack of any caucus to support him in the legislature.

The fortunes of the IP have been in decline almost from the day Jesse Ventura took office; Ventura chose not to run again, and the trend line for the party’s fortunes has been negative in every election since.

Heck, the IP even had to find an apostate Republican to be its candidate.

To his contributors, money: meet rat hole.

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