Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind II

Now, in addition to not eating lettuce or pretty much anything else from Fukushima Prefecture, you shouldn't drink the water that comes out of the tap in Tokyo. Actually only infants shouldn't do that. Adults? Apparently it's perfectly fine.

And in other news:
Meanwhile, officials evacuated some workers at the Fukushima plant Wednesday afternoon as a black plume of smoke billowed above one of the reactors, plant owner Tokyo Electric Power Co. said. The cause of the smoke was unclear. 
Workers have been scrambling to cool down fuel rods at the nuclear plant since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami on March 11 knocked out cooling systems.
 Some radiation has been released, officials said, but it was unclear whether radiation levels spiked after the black smoke was spotted Wednesday. Japan's nuclear agency said radiation levels near the plant had not changed, public broadcaster NHK reported.
 Just like Old Faithful, eh?

Here's more from the Strib, including this quote:
"It is really scary. It is like a vicious negative spiral from the nuclear disaster," said Etsuko Nomura, a mother of two children ages 2 and 5. "We have contaminated milk and vegetables, and now tap water in Tokyo, and I'm wondering what's next."

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