Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keep your eye on this fellow

Because you won't want to miss what he brings to the legislative process. By way of the Minnesota Independent, we learn about the enlightened views of Freshman Representative Gruenhagen (R 25A):
[T]here is nothing more destructive — or, one of the most destructive things to a society in term of our women and children and even having economic consequences — is when the male sex drive is released in an uncontrolled and undisciplined way. There — you can’t print up enough money to take care of the consequences of that. So I beseech you as a man to expose the lies that have been permeated through our schools and our culture and of course we know Hollywood is brainwashed disciples of Dr. Albert Kinsey. I use the word "doctor" reluctantly. He’s a filthy, perverted, unscientific liar and his research needs to be exposed. Other than that, I don’t have a lot of opinion on the subject [Laughter]

What's stranger, that the "male sex drive" is one of the most destructive forces or the attacks on researchers who did their work half a century ago? Bluestem Prairie has been on to this gentleman's odd ideas for some time now, as evidenced here and here.

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