Monday, March 21, 2011

Meeting Sticks' criteria

Sticks makes it official:

This can mean only one thing, boys and girls: Sticks has a house in a flood plain.

And like the embattled rebels in Benghazi, or the people trapped in their homes after the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, Sticks put out his call for help on Twitter.

Well, either that, or Twitter is the only place that will publish Captain Fishsticks regularly.

Take your pick.

Spot really thinks it's the former; the only time Sticks shows any human empathy is when he's the human to be empathized with. Still, for the Brawny Paper Towel of Self Absorption, it's something.

But other than sandbagging Sticks' house, what else might meet his "criteria?"

Maybe what Captain Fishsticks is after is something that helps a lot of people; there are other people in the flood plain, too. Let's see, public education? Nope? Health care? No again.

Perhaps it only meets his criteria if it lasts just a short time, like unemployment. Unlikely, don't you think, boys and girls?

Well, it's a puzzle, isn't it? The answer is undoubtedly locked away in Sticks' imagination, but Spot bets the key is held by dead Austrian gasbags.

Update: The post, and the comment from the Captain, inspired Avidor's imagination and the sketch above.

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