Wednesday, March 02, 2011

We’ll see you tomorrow night! (at Drinking Liberally)

At tomorrow night’s (March 3rd) Drinking Liberally meeting, our guest will be Ahmed Tharwat, host and producer of BelAhdan, a television program about Arab American issues that airs on Saturday nights on TPT. Ahmed is an Egyptian native, and he’s followed closely the events of the Jasmine Revolution in North Africa and across the Middle East.

We’ll talk with Ahmed about the events that led to the toppling of dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, and probably soon (let’s hope) in Libya. We’ll also ask about the prospects for democracy in the region, and about prospects for relations with the West.

Ahmed Tharwat penned an op-ed piece that was in the Strib today.

This will be a very interesting and informative program that you won’t want to miss. We plan to start the program with Ahmed around seven o’clock.

Remember, Drinking Liberally – Minneapolis meets from six to nine every Thursday evening at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis.

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