Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't matter; he's still Kenyan

The true believers will not be moved by the release of this document.

For insight as to why, we return to Frank Schaeffer, quoted earlier in a post about Katherine Kersten:
Respect for religious stupidity is -- by extension -- why the media gives Trump, Bachmann et al platforms from which they can spread falsehoods. Trump isn't remotely religious but the sort of people ready to believe in someone like him (or the Tea Party) have been fed a steady diet of mythology that has literally altered the way their brains work. If a scientist, an expert or the "liberal media" says something is true then ipso facto the opposite -- no matter how harebrained must be true! Actually believing that the Palins, Becks, Trumps of this world are serious people is just the political version of giving creationists a "serious" place on textbook committees.
 The title of Schaeffer's post is The "Biblical" Root of America's Political Stupidity.

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