Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Republicans playing with constitutions IV

He's a tough one to shame; I'll give you that. Within days of claiming that the right to vote is a mere privilege, Kurt Zellers is back to champion a resolution in the Minnesota House to urge the Congress to draft a constitutional amendment to permit states to act and unadopt federal law. Read the entire resolution at the link, paying especial attention to the whining recitals (the WHEREAS clauses), but here's the core of the resolution:

The Speaker is joined by several of the usual suspects.

I will say in Zellers' defense that the resolution is not quite as crazy as the bills championed last year by Tom Emmer to permit the Legislature, or a triumvirate of legislative leaders and the governor, to simply declare a federal law somehow "inapplicable" to the state. But that's a pretty low bar.

What Zellers and Co. offer is a virtual return to the Articles of Confederation. So successful were the Articles of Confederation that they lasted a full ten years or so after the Revolution. It would work even less well now in a modern, integrated (commercially) nation of 300 million people.

I mean really, where do these people think that Congress comes from? The moon?

It's lunacy, brought to you by the same confederation of dunces who think that defaulting on the national debt is an idea whose time has come.

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