Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why, there’s always room for white whine

Why, there’s always room for white whine

Katherine Kersten moaned Sunday about Lakeville schools sending teachers to a conference about racism. Waste of money.

The Lakeville schools are sending a delegation of teachers to the 12th annual "White Privilege Conference" at the Bloomington Sheraton from Aug. 13-16. The district is shelling out $160 a pop -- plus $125 a day for teacher subs -- for this "white guilt" festival.

Unstated is the number of teachers who are going to the conference. (Probably not a lot.) Perhaps Katie needs to check her calendar, too. The conference is in August; school isn’t in session. Subs? Unlikely.

Kersten describes the conference:

The conference is sponsored by the Minnesota Justice Collaborative, a consortium of local higher-education and philanthropic institutions. It is expected to draw 1,500 teachers, students, activists, artists, social workers and counselors from more than 40 states. Minnesota public schools are represented on the list of speakers and workshop presenters.

Katie goes on to have a good belly laugh about racism in schools, or anywhere else for that matter, or that Christianity had anything to do with it! Ha Ha!

But before you take her too seriously, take a look at the video.

Update: Well, hold the phone! The  early web version of Katie’s story, quoted above, called August the time of the conference. Now the column, available at the link, says it will be in April. And I just rechecked the “paper copy” of the Strib, and the dates are reported correctly there. The quote from the Strib above was a cut and paste, not a transcription, so the Strib corrected its web version, apparently without noting the correction.

I also forgot a thump of the tail to Two Putt Tommy, who reminded me of the video clips.

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