Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Queen of small ball

Kevin Diaz wrote a piece in the Strib yesterday about Amy Klobuchar and how she was getting ready to run for reelection. If you don’t remember much about AKlo’s legislative record, other than something about swimming pools and suckling babes in airplanes, you’re not alone. But when it is suggested that she has little to show for herself, Klobuchar thinks fast, saying, “Nuh uh. I told the President to appoint the Catfood Commission.”

Klobuchar, now in her fifth year in the Senate, recoils at the suggestion that she's playing small ball to get along in Washington. She points to her role as one of 14 senators who pushed the Obama administration for a bipartisan fiscal commission to tackle the nation's deficit woes.

Really, she said that. I couldn’t make that up. But there you have it, boys and girls: DFL Senator Amy Klobuchar’s signature achievement.

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