Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Geoff Michel makes a "broader point"

Another term for making stuff up

Spot's very own feckless state senator, Geoff Michel -- the Deputy -- defends his own prevarication -- we're charitable around here; there are other terms that would apply, too -- about the number of private sector jobs in Minnesota in 2011 vs. 1998.

Just the same number as before, moans the Deputy:
Republican legislators say their big goal for the coming legislative session is to grow jobs by reducing taxes and rolling back regulations, among other things.

To underscore the need for the state Senate Republican's plan to grow jobs, Deputy Senate Majority Leader Geoff Michel pointed out that the number of private sector jobs in Minnesota has fallen to 1998 levels.
But just as the Deputy was misinformed -- and misinforming -- about how much local government aid Bloomington got, he didn't get this one right, either, according to MPR:
The average number of private sector jobs for the first three quarters of 2011 is about 2.242 million, according to data from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. That's using non-seasonally adjusted employment counts.

That's about 78,000 more jobs than the average of 2.164 million in the first three quarters of 1998. To put that figure in perspective, 78,000 jobs is roughly the same number of jobs 3M has worldwide.
But the Deputy's mouthpiece came to the Deputy's defense, manning the broom and pooper scooper detail:
Chris Van Guilder, a spokesman for Michel, pushed back. He said that in the context of the millions of jobs the state supports, the difference of 78,000 jobs over more than a decade isn't significant enough to label his boss' statement false.
He was making a "broader point," after all.

Tell that to 3M.

Or to MPR, which concluded that the Deputy is full of hot air, or maybe something else.

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