Monday, November 28, 2011

Reaching out to Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote a gushing column on November 27, 2011 about Michele Bachmann's foreign policy knowledge. Many of us in Minnesota know better.

Earlier this fall, the Drinking Liberally Players of the Minneapolis - St. Paul chapter of DL got together to read some of Congresswoman Bachmann's memorable quotes, including some that might not be familiar to a wider audience.

In this quote from a 2007 interview - read by an Iraq war vet - Bachmann describes how Shia Iran intended to partition Iraq and turn the western part - Iran lies to the east of Iraq, remember - into a terrorist safe haven. And never mind that western Iraq is Sunni country.

The other videos in the series can be found by searching "wit and wisdom of Michele Bachmann" on Vimeo.

Update: Some readers (including me) have had trouble getting videos to load and play on mobile devices. If that's you, too, please leave a comment with the type of device and the browser you are using. I cannot figure out if the problem is being caused by Blogger's mobile template, Vimeo's rendering of videos for mobile devices, or something else.

Further update: It seems that it is a Opera mobile browser specific problem.

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