Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If Barack Obama is Barney Fife

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Who the #$%^&* is Tim Pawlenty?

You've probably seen the comment by Timmy.

One answer comes from GQ, which finds (according to MinnPost) that Tim Pawlenty is the least influential person on planet earth. As Joe Kimball says, that will leave a mark.

But there must be some movie, sitcom or cartoon character that Pawlenty reminds you of. For me, it's pretty easy: Gomer Pyle, overbite and all. Maybe you'd put a plaid cap on Gutshot and call him Elmer Fudd, explaining how the wrabbit escaped wounded.

So offer up your answers, boys and girls:

If Barack Obama is Barney Fife, Tim Pawlenty is [fill in the blank].

And if Timmy isn't your cup of, um, tea -- well, he's nobody's cup of tea -- try it with one of the Republican presidential candidates, maybe Herman Cain, Rick Perry, our own Michele, or -- and here's the really hard one -- Mitt Romney.

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