Thursday, November 10, 2011

The last comedian standing

Tea Party former darlings Rick Perry and Herman Cain are having difficult weeks remembering things. For Cain, it's remembering -- all? -- the women he groped and harassed. For Perry, it's failing to remember the third item on a three item list: the federal agencies he would get rid of immediately if he became president. He was gesturing dramatically at the debate tonight, pointing a finger for every agency he would axe. But when he got to finger number three, he was struck dumb.

At this point, of course, Sarah Palin is smacking her forehead with her palm and saying,"I told that dumb sumbitch to write lists on his hand or arm. I should have gotten in this race; these hamsters are complete losers."

So with Perry and Cain in end-stage dementia, what's a bagger to do? Well, Michele, this could be your lucky day in regaining a lead in the non-Romney heat! I mean, who really thinks it might be Newticles, Santorum, or Ron Paul, or -- let's not get really silly here -- John Huntsman.

So, I think it's yours for the taking, girl; amp it up and you're off!

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