Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If he drank alcohol, he could pop the corks right now

The Republican field arrayed against Keith Ellison was on display Tuesday night at the VFW hall at Lake and Lyndale in south Minneapolis. There was a debate among the three candidates, Michael Katch, Lynne Torgerson, and Chris Fields, hosted by SD60 and CD5 Republicans with Bob Davis as moderator. Here's a photo, right in front of the stage, shortly after the candidate debate began at seven P.M.

And here's a brief account of the affair by someone who admittedly had trouble paying attention.

BD: Hello, everybody.

LT: Scary Muslims. Islamists. Cair. Keith Ellison.

MK: The City of Minneapolis wants to inspect my cabs.

CF: If dictators in the Middle East get the job done, we should leave them alone.

LT: Scary people want to hurt us.

MK: Get rid of the Federal Reserve.

CF: Get rid of the minimum wage.

LT: Don't forget the Muslim Brotherhood!

MK: Ron Paul.

CF: Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich.

LT: Michele Bachmann.

RD: Thanks and good night.

The best part of the evening came at the end when there was a squabble about whether to take a straw poll of the attendees. Most were in favor of it, but one wizened fellow in Buddy Holly glasses with yellow lenses was dead set agin' it, and he told they SD chair that he was going to challenge him to a duel.

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