Thursday, December 29, 2011

And he touched the hem of her robe

Also, Jesus said, "Pick Senjem"

A Republican senator reports that Amy Koch's presence was felt in the room at Tuesday's senate caucus. And she was "glimpsed" occasionally through an open door.

The Apostle Limmer said, "She spake not of her [political] death," but of Republican life.

With everybody living and moving and having their being in there, it must have gotten pretty crowded.

At least some members of the caucus are realizing that what I have (charitably) called "serial ineptitude" in its dealing with the former Majority Leader has damaged operation of the caucus and damaged its credibility in the Republican party and the public, especially with women.

Now, guys like Limmer and the unnamed senator who "felt her presence" are trying to market her spiritual essence to the people that the caucus has disaffected.

See how many times in the coming days, and especially during the session, you catch a whiff of Eau de Amy behind the ear of a Republican senator.

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