Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If it wasn't Michael Brodkorb

A serious question for Cal Ludeman

Original source unknown
Cal, if Michael Brodkorb is not the staffer with whom Sen. Amy Koch had an "inappropriate relationship," does mean that the staffer is still employed by the Senate? And s/he will be there when Sen. Koch returns for the session?


Ludeman told reporters that Brodkorb was fired because the senate leadership (the then leadership, by the way) merely "lacked the will" to keep him on. Nothing personal. And not for an affair with Amy Koch. Heaven forfend.

Do you see the problem here?

Remember, though, that the leadership that was so "lacking in will" set Brodkorb up and dispatched Ludeman to virtually assassinate him in a public restaurant. (Shades of Michael Corleone getting spaghetti sauce all over the police commissioner.) And then made him come back and clean out his desk that night under the cover of darkness.

Senate leadership was feckless, all right, but it hardly lacked devotion to the cause of disposing of Michael Brodkorb.

All of you, boys and girls, may take a moment now for a rude laugh.

Because it is obvious to the most casual observer -- even if not to Cal Ludeman -- that the situation won't be awkward -- for this reason, anyway -- because the staffer is gone; he left the day after Amy.

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