Saturday, December 03, 2011

Unmarried Women: a Hermanic calumny

The Cain campaign used a stock photo - really classy

Unmarried women, Herman is sorry to say,
May now go about in the middle of the day.
If it's not quite enough that we've loosed them to walk,
It's an outrage for sure they're permitted to talk.

From under the rocks these Jezebels slither,
Tempting our Herm with a look of come hither.
And who could blame Herm when met with such shrews
To think he could arrange for a couple of, um, encounters.

Today Christian men are hunted like hares,
Pursued by the weak, wicked woman who bares
Not her troubles with a virtuous mien,
But seeks out good men to inflict with her pain.

But the answer is not to keep it all zipped,
That would leave Herm feeling cranky and hipped!
So let's slander Unmarried Women instead,
And hope Herm's book earns him plentiful bread.

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