Friday, December 23, 2011

Okay, now this is the absolute truth, I swear

Cross my heart and hope to die

As reported Friday, December 23rd on the MPR website:
Cal Ludeman, secretary of the Senate, told MPR News earlier this week that the Senate Republican leadership team's reasons for recommending Brodkorb be fired did not have to do with an inappropriate relationship with Koch.
Leadership, according to Ludeman, simply didn't have the "will" to keep Brodkorb on after Amy Koch resigned as Majority Leader. Leadership? Remember, we're talking about these people:

MPR Photo
These are the guys who told us last Friday that they had just learned about Amy Koch and her inappropriate relationship and had tripped over each other -- like a scene from the Keystone Kops -- to get to the press conference to tell the public all about it.

And then, this week, Geoff Michel (pictured above, apparently with gas) admitted that the goings on had been known for months and that he had, well, lied about that at the Friday presser.

Now, this same bunch -- credibility in complete tatters -- wants you to believe that the resignation of Amy Koch and the near simultaneous firing of Michael Brodkorb was a silly, serendipitous coincidence.

There must be something in the air at the Capitol on Fridays. Fish sticks in the cafeteria maybe.

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