Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nothing scares Jason Lewis more

And the sky is falling, too!

Strib Opinion Exchange 12-11-2011
Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- scares Jason Lewis more than the specter of economic and social justice. Anybody under the level of corporate v.p. or second-rate talk show host is clearly unworthy of making a living. And yet, there they are, just like that little shit Oliver Twist wanting "some more."

If we're not careful, those teachers and child care workers will crush us!

Lewis won't be happy until everyone lives in peonage to the Koch brothers. One has to wonder, though, how Lewis will fit in to the full-Koch schema. Probably not exactly where he thinks he will. Maybe just under Northern® "bath tissue."

Well, they are in allied industries.

The column is standard Chicken Little Lewis, but he reserves some extra pants wetting over the impending recall of Scott Walker in Wisconsin and the voter nullification of the public collective bargaining law in Ohio in November.

The practice of democracy is a scary thing all right, Jason. We understand your fright entirely.

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