Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beard's extortion

Step away from the teachers, or the choo-choo gets it!

Postereized legislative bio photo
That's the word from Michael "Corleone" Beard to Governor Mark Dayton.

Here are Beard's thought on da choo choo hostage holding:
We wud mebbe be ableta trade sum polcee for a liddle more robust bondin' bill. If it 'cluded Sow West, I hafta tink long 'n hard. But I cud see somethin' like dat as possible scenaria.
Okay, I thugged that up a little.

The polcee that Beard has in mind include these items:
He said the initiatives include overhauling teacher tenure, environmental rules and prevailing wage requirements for workers on public projects.
According to the Governor's principal spokester, the Governor isn't interested.

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