Sunday, April 15, 2012

The VERY BEST thing about God

You can sic God on anybody!

Avidor - who else could it be?
God is truly the Holy Doberman.

His pal Ernie Leidiger got the tracksuit preacher a gig offering the opening "prayer" in the Minnesota House of Representatives last session, and after Bradlee Dean's artless performance, even Speaker Kurt Zellers called Dean out for the rambling, homophobic ignoramus that he is. Ever since, Dean [Smith] has harbored a grudge against Zellers.

But straight from the lips of God to Bradlee's ear: Zellers is in a war with God, and well, by golly, God will win!

Listen to Bradlee and his sycophant sidekick Jake explain to Kurt just who -- make that Who -- he's dealing with here! One wonders if anybody has explained the concept of imprecatory prayer to these two pustules. Apparently not, because I don't think they've muttered one in Zeller's direction, at least yet. But it's early in the war! No sense bringing out the big gun just yet.

But just remember, boys, when God starts hating the same people you do, chances are excellent that you've made God in your image, and not the other way around!

UPDATE: Readers have seen a lot of Ken Avidor's work here, but there's a lot more at Dump Michele Bachmann, the Frank Vennes Info blog, and Crowded Comics.

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