Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let the imprecatory prayer vigil begin!

Keep your head down, Mike
You've probably heard that the CD1 Republicans failed to endorse a candidate yesterday after almost two dozen ballots. The two contestants are the godless Mike "the Tenther" Parry and Allen "the Chosen" Quist.

Really, it's a battle for second place in the First District; it is unimaginable that either one of these dunces will beat Tim Walz. But for some reason, some 250 people take this really seriously. They're going to meet again in a couple of weeks and try to sort it out. (My recommendation to Heather Carlson is to have some kind of family emergency, or maybe need an appendectomy, just before they get back together.)

But if you have a prayer request between now the the re-convened convention, you'll get a busy signal. Because you see, Quist and his backers have God on the speed dial. They have had since Quist got the Republican nomination for governor in 1994 against the sitting Republican governor, Arne Carlson. Carlson went on to crush Quist in the primary.

God moves in mysterious ways.

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