Monday, April 02, 2012

Theft of the dial - Not Almanac takes over Late Debate

If you weren't listening late last night, Two Putt Tommy from MN Progressive Project, Tony Petrangelo, Steve Timmer and I were on a very special April 1st edition of the Late Debate. If you aren't familiar with the Late Debate, it's a conservative talk radio show hosted by Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse. Well, it is usually conservative, and it's usually hosted by Jack and Ben, anyway.

It was a great show that covered topics ranging from the Supreme Court's health care conundrum, Trayvon Martin, Minnesota's vetoed version of Shoot First, Agenda 21, Michael Brodkorb, and the demise of Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

We'll have a shorter version for download on the Not Almanac, but you can download or listen to the full episode here, or here on iTunes.

Thanks again to Jack and Ben for being great hosts.

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