Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shorty: Let's Face the Music and Dance!

Pat, it's a Sin to Tell a Lie*

Pat Shortridge*
According to MinnPost:
The Minnesota Republican Party is preparing for its state convention next month short of cash and bracing for internecine warfare between Ron Paul delegates and long-established activists.
Well, according to everybody, really.

But according to Pat Shortridge, he is darn-near giddy about the RPM's prospects. Of the spectre of the Ronulans banging on the party's door (well, until Tuesday, anyway), Shorty said:
Shortridge said the development is positive. “We are bringing in new people, Tea Party members, libertarians and independents,” he said. “Incorporating new people is never a problem.”
Well, of course, it isn't a problem unless you're Luke Hellier, staffer to Rep. Erik the Bland (and Michael Brodkorb's former custodian at Minnesota Democrats Exposed), who lost a seat on the 3rd Congressional District Executive Committee, a body now fully-occupied by the Ronulans.

Or perhaps no problem for Shorty, until the day after the convention.

* Let's Face the Music and Dance, and It's a Sin to Tell a Lie are both from the musical Pennies from Heaven, the movie starring Steve Martin. That's Martin's photo above, of course, from IMDB.

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