Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kersten commits journalism

Word on the street is that for the first time in actual memory, Katherine Kersten actually spoke to a source (Todd Noteboom) she quoted in her column today, a source not associated with those Powerline fellows.
Todd Noteboom of Leonard, Street and Deinard says St. Paul has provided no evidence that radical groups’ threats are serious or involve significant numbers. “The possibility that a small number of people might try to block a roadway or impede access to a bridge does not justify stripping 100,000 people of their First Amendment rights,” he said on Tuesday.

Actually speaking directly with sources? Calling people who disagree with you up for comment? Relying on actual first-hand information rather than the websites of those most extreme organizations to jump to unfounded conclusions? No good can come of this, I tell you.

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