Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who are you voting for in the Senate race, Spot?

Yeah, Spotty, who are you going to vote for, Al or Norm?

That's a pretty foolish question, grasshopper, even for you.

Not so foolish, Spot; you were a big time Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer supporter, and after the endorsing convention, you were pretty hard on a Franken supporter a couple of times.

True. Spot can see how you might be confused. But don't be. Spot will vote for Al Franken and would want you to as well, if you were old enough to vote. Spot has his differences with Al, but they are minor compared to his differences with Coleman.

Spot will paraphrase Norm when he said, in 1996, Spot believes, when talking about Paul Wellstone:

[Al Franken] is a Democrat; I am a Democrat.

But unlike Norm, Spot still is one.

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