Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lights! Camera! Action!

Spot has watched with amusement - or is it bemusement - the unfolding forensic investigation of the Take out the Garbage, Honey video ad being aired by the Norm Coleman campaign. A lot of people, including some liberal bloggers, thought it looked kinda, well, "funny," and wondered if maybe Laurie Coleman had been somehow beamed into the kitchen with Norm. Indignant, righty bloggers responded by damning the doubters and taking umbrage that anyone would question the bliss at Casa Coleman.

Spot has remained silent on the matter, at least until now.

Spot has learned that the directors of the ad have stepped forward and accepted, well they accepted something, or at least admitted ownership of the flick.

Now all they have to do is explain why they lit Laurie Coleman like a ceramic fountain.

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