Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Upcoming DL events!

This Thursday - The conversation veered wildly off course last week, and Spot would still like to have a conversation about the National Conference for Media reform that was held in Minneapolis earlier this month.

Spot also wants to video some attendees answering the question: What would you say to, or ask of, a delegate to the Republican National Convention? Because frankly, it's a close as you are likely to ever get. Your response can be serious, silly, or within limits, filled with invective. Start planning what you want to say now.

Thursday, July 3rd - We'll continue with the video responses, and Spot has a special treat for you. Spot will lay in a supply of bottle rockets from Wisconsin, and we'll shoot them at the motorcycles roaring by without mufflers on University Avenue! There will be a prize, and perhaps an arrest, for the best score.

Really? Can we do that Spot?

No, don't be silly grasshopper. Spot is just kidding.

Aw, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Thursday, July 10th - Here's one you really don't want to miss. Senator Patricia Torres Ray from Minneapolis will be at DL for a meet and greet. Senator Torres Ray, in her first term, has been one of the more persistent critics of the Governor on immigration.

All of these events will be at the regular time and place: six to nine, or so, at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis.

And now, boys and girls, Spot will be gone for a couple of days. Perhaps he'll see you at DL on Thursday. Stop by, though, because MNO may have some thing for you while Spot is gone.

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