Thursday, July 14, 2005

A cheery note from Jason . . .

Spottie sent Jason, Jason, Jason to Jason Lewis. Spottie got this cheery reply today. Spottie didn't set out to push one of Jason's buttons, but guys like him are all button.
Now that you've cornered the market on economic ignorance, you're starting to give dogs a bad name. The rich pay a larger percentage of the total tax burden than their total share of state income. Got that dog? Ergo, since it costs the govt. not one more dime to protect the freedom of the wealthy than the poor, you, as good little well-behaved collectivist, continue to insist that govt. transfer income. Understand dog? Taxes as share of income are irrelevant unless you...well, read the damn piece you insufferable fool. You and yours would be much more at home in the Weimar Republic, they too were quite adept at ignoring facts. I'm sure both of your readers enjoyed it however.

Read the tax incidence study referred to in Spottie's piece. Who are you going to believe, Jason or your lying eyes?

Slight correction: ok, I did set out to push one of his buttons. So shoot me.

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