Sunday, July 10, 2005

This just in . . .

From a letter in the Star Tribune Sunday July 10th:

Kersten's disinformation

Columnist Katherine Kersten and state Republican leaders aren't being honest about MinnesotaCare funding. ("MinnesotaCare spreading ill feelings at Capitol," July 7).

They want you to believe that health care costs are rising so much that the state must kick more people off of MinnesotaCare.

But the fact is, MinnesotaCare is self-supporting and requires no additional funding from taxpayers. It is funded through the provider and insurance premium taxes, and that money goes directly into the Health Care Access Fund.

The fund has plenty of money to support MinnesotaCare well into the future, as long as the fund isn't raided to pay for roads, education and other General Fund commitments, which is the current proposal.

Cutting people off health insurance will cost Minnesotans more than it will save. Assuring access to health insurance is part of the solution to the health care crisis in Minnesota.

Dave Johnson, Minneapolis; president, Minnesota Public Health Association
This letter contains information a little different that the information Spottie had in a recent post. Spot suspects that the letter is correct and Spot is wrong. See What is the SBECF? for the earlier post. He regrets that mistakes were made.

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and Nick Colemens articles are 100% accurate...