Thursday, July 07, 2005

Spottie is flattered . . .

In response to Spottie's post He has exactly backwards, Ben made this comment:
yes they were so much better off with Saddam and his sons in charge. Those torture rooms were just a sign of love... he doesn't need to go, besides what about all the devlopments that are going on in the middle east as a result of our "illegal invasion". Oh and apparently all those 8 million Iraqis that voted in the election they had and that thanked our government and Duyba were complete morons. Once again your elitism bleeds through. Your always right and the other side is always wrong and you always need to explain to us why you think were such morons.

Well, the FREEGUM crowd need to learn that a free and open society is a lot more than an election sponsored by an occupying power. There also must be functioning public and private institutions to promote and insure social justice, economic development, and the rule of law. Iraq has none of those things, and we are not a whit closer to bringing them to Iraq than we were two years ago, in spite of what our delusional president may say.

The United States supported virtually every repressive regime in the Middle East in the 20th century - and we still support quite a few - so it is not surprising that many Iraqis, maybe most, doubt the sincerity of the United States now.

As far as the elitism charge is concerned, as a dog, Spottie is flattered.

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Ben said...

How long did it take to rebuild Europe after "invading" and "occuping" them? Besides the UN had most of the control over. And the president isn't delusional spotty, you are. What was YOUR solution? More sanctions? Lifting the sanctions? Making sure Saddam stayed in power? Will you guys go to no length to stop us from succeding? I seem to remember that there are quite a few Iraqis that are happy Saddam is gone. And how do you know Iraq has none of those things? Is it your left-wing blog buddies that I'm sure have visited Iraq. And everything the MSM reports is 100% unbiased we all know that. At least that jack off pussy Kerry isn't in the white house. Face it your still bitter because we "stole" the election from your precious candidate. Why don't you just say it?